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Online Open Day BES

Wednesday, June 16th – 12:00 PM

Discover the school of excellence for integrated bilingualism in Milan.

More and more parents want to give their children the opportunity of a Full English Immersion Programme to start them on their journey for a bilingual life. BES provides them the most innovative tools and methodologies to ensure continuity in education, both in the classroom and at a distance.

During the Online Open Day you will have the opportunity to learn more about our teaching approach and our plans for the reopening of the school in September, dialogue with our teachers and have all your questions answered.

Taking big steps towards the Future

The curriculum is delivered by highly qualified Italian and English mother-tongue teachers. Our aim is to help students to develop their full potential and be fluent in a second language. BES is the only school in Milan that integrates the Italian Ministerial Program (MIUR) with the Primary Years Programme (PYP) of the IBO, both in Italian and English.

Innovative Education

The BES curriculum is based on an innovative and avant-gaarde approach which is known as “constructivism”. Constructivist learning theory suggests that people develop their own understanding and knowledge of the world through experiencing things and reflecting on those experiences. The iPad program 1:1 integrates and supports the traditional learning toolbox.

New learning landscapes

Our commitment to ongoing innovation led to the redesign of our learning environments by the internationally renowned architect ROSAN BOSCH, who is considered as the leading figure of innovative educational theories of the third millennium.
All around the world, she has designed “revolutionary” environments: the school common areas are transformed into inspiring spaces for teaching, learning, tutoring and social activities. 

Safety and educational continuity

In order to overcome this challenging and unpredictable time we have devised a number of contingency plans for several eventualities, including:

  • A full return to school
  • Classes split in half located at home and school (‘blended’ or ‘hybrid’ learning)
  • Return of only certain age groups in the school (‘blended’ or ‘hybrid’ learning)
  • Localised outbreaks, resulting in short-term closure of school

Ongoing safety when returning to school will be guaranteed through the introduction and implementation of a rigorous and accurate hygienic policy. We trust that we will address the challenging time ahead of us in total safety.



Wednesday, June 16th – 12:00 PM

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The Open Day will be streamed on YouTube. No need to download any program. We will send you the link to participate in the live broadcast and ask us your questions through the chat simply by logging into your Google account.

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